The Cider Reach Chronicles

Day 4

Silvio Plouf cuts a deal with Junior Guildmaster Andock of the Grangers Guild in Highgarden to issue additional grain supplies to the war effort with the intention of driving the regional grain prices up after buying as many grain stocks as possible. Several Guildsmen and other merchants also stand to profit from this. He then makes contact with a representative of the Foolish Dogs mercenary company and extends an offer of service to them, and sends a raven back to Crossfield Keep to let them know.

Day 3

-In disguise, Silvio Plouf begins spreading lies and rumors about House Losey through Studburough. During this time he hears gossip from the region.

-Ser Greenhelm and Titus leave for Buckhollow to return Lord Buckhollow’s body. They bring with them letters for Lady Eunis Buckhollow from her sisters.

-Ser landon Crossfield and Hamsher Flowers meet Manx, a sworn sword to The Mick while traveling the road to Greywood Keep. He has with him a small detachment of fighters and claims he has been tasked by his Lord with protecting the road and gathering information on the state of affairs in the region.

Day 2

-Silvio Plouf arrives in Studburough where he cuts a series of deals for him and his associates to corner the local grain market.

-Adele Crossfield and Colette Crossfield enjoy a idyllic ride in the countryside near Crossfield Keep. They are accompanied by a young and upcoming gaurdsman named Hando and Titus. Adelle Crossfield and Titus have a tryst while Hando is distracted by Colette Crossfield.


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